Hi I'm Buck! And I ask you to “Look Local First!”
– A community wide campaign to keep dollars in La Plata County as long as possible –

Always consider buying from local merchants and stores before spending your money out of the county or online.
The result: An increased revenue stream that supports efforts to improve roads, bike paths, playgrounds, and many programs that enhance our way of life.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Look Local First Cast of Characters

My Animoto Video

Hi there! I’m Buck. Let me introduce you to Moolah, Buckey, Cash and Penny. Quality of life equals quality jobs, and our job is to help educate you on why it’s important to spend your money right here in La Plata County.
I know we are all looking for ways to save money, but before you make a purchase through the Internet or out of the county, please look for your item right here at home! I am confident that if you first visit our local stores and shops in La Plata County, you might just find what you are looking for!
Many of my friends can help keep the dollars flowing too! Moolah, Penny, Cash and Buckey love staying in La Plata County. The longer we all stay in La Plata County, the more we can generate extra sales tax dollars. That additional revenue means: maintained roads, parks for our kids, construction of new bike paths, continued
community programs, better wages, and more jobs!
Hey, it’s all about our quality of life!
Every dollar spent locally will enhance our community. Remember, the more you spend
locally, the more vibrant our economy will thrive!
Thank you for Looking Local First!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike to Work Day

Everyday in Durango is Bike to Work Day, but we also celebrate biking to work each year with a party in downtown Durango right in front of the Steaming Bean. What makes this all possible are folks from the City of Durango coming together with people from Healthy Lifestyles La Plata, Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Trails 2000 and the Durango Wheel for a great event. By supporting local events you support your local comminity, thanks for looking local first.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Annual DOWNTOWN Clean - Around

"Buck" likes to help all he can so he showed up at the Annual DOWNTOWN Clean - Around in downtown Durango.

Local businesses and organizations once again showed up in bright and early Friday morning and started sprucing up the downtown area before the start of the busy summer season.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can we keep it!

"Buck" likes being part of our community and just wants to stay here as long as possible. Remember everytime a dollar is spent in LaPlata County a part of it goes toward making better parks, improving roads and building bike paths-things that improve our quality of life.

Next time you have a decision about where to spend your money, think about "Buck" and how he likes to help us out the longer we keep him around.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Buck" Signs up for the Quarter Horse

"Buck" Has signed up for the "Quarter Horse" bicycle race, which is part of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic weekend held in Durango, Colorado this coming May 23rd.

The Quarter Horse is a new event that has been added this year and will go from Downtown Durango to Purgatory Ski Resort, just south of the LaPlata County line.

Buck knows the longer he stays in our community the more money we have for things like better roads, great parks & nice trails, things that make our community a great place to live.

See the details.

Quarter Horse Race
25 mile ride from Durango to Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort. 2300 vertical feet of climbing finishing at the village of Durango Mountain Resort. Food, fun and jubilation await riders at finish.

8:30 am, Saturday May 23rd, 2009

College Ave and Camino Del Rio

Registration Fee:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bank of Colorado has a new ATM

The Bank of Colorado has just opened a new ATM in North City Market which takes direct cash deposits.

Use the ATM machine and win money? Thats right turn in your receipt to a Bank of Colorado Teller and a winner will be drawn on April 1st.

"Bucks" as he is officially named was christened on Friday March 6th at 12:15 PM by the Durango Diplomats and our very own "Buck" the dollar that loves staying in LaPlata County as the rest of us.

If you are interested in "Buck" showing up at your event or place of business please inquire with Jack Llewellyn at the Durango Chamber of Commerce: 247-0312

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Buck" Takes Part in Snowdown Parade

"Buck" One of the characters that is part of the "Look Local First" campaign had fun riding on the Southern Ute Tribe's Casino float during the the parade as part of the 31st annual Snowndown in Durango Colorado.

Remember, the more fun a dollar has staying in town, the more fun we can spend dollars on.